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The movie begins with a short, but eerily foreshadowing scene of two girls and their trip to a palm reader. While there, the girls receive a deadly prophesy claiming ill-fated futures for the two to cautiously avoid.

Flash to an image of city lights forming a pentagram, flash again to the scene where, after some canine beast hits their car, Jim and Ellie’s car careens into the way of another car. The crash sends both cars flying off the cliff, at which instant, a werewolf grabs a girl from the other car, while the on-looking victims try to save her. The girl is lost to the wolf and his fiends. Meanwhile, Ellie and Jim have survived both the crash and the attack, but they don’t walk away unscathed; Jim has a scratch on his chest and Ellie has been bitten on the arm. Is it anything to worry about?

The movie continues by following Ellie’s dreams, which have become infested with visions of werewolves, death, and her boyfriend Jake. Meanwhile, Jim wakes up to find himself naked and outdoors. Oddly, Jim doesn’t seem all too concerned with his precarious situation and scampers off to find meat for breakfast.

As more and more unconventionally eerie things begin to happen to Ellie, she begins to wonder if the night of the accident has anything to do with the sudden string of events. Why, for instance, is she drawn to the smell of blood from a girl’s nosebleed at work? And, why is she suddenly drawn to the moon in the midst of an interview with Scott Baio?

The mystery slowly begins to unravel through a series of flashes and parallel movement in the film. Several character’s stories are being told in tandem that weave together the missing pieces of the puzzle. Could the present mystery have anything to do with the deaths of the two girls, Becky and Jenny?

One by one clues reveal themselves to be linked to the mystery; clues that are not altogether human. A pair of footprints in a garage turn out to be animal prints. More mystery, and consequently more flashbacks ensue. The next in the series, reveals the fate of the girl who went to get her palm read. On the night of her prophesy she spies a werewolf from which she flees in the direction of an elevator, but when the elevator reopens the menacing presence attacks!

Flash back to Jim, now at home studying. It seems that Jim has checked out some books dealing with myths and documentation of werewolves and other mythical beasts. Believing this to be the cause of the strange events, particularly his, he discovers that he has to sever the line between man and beast to lift the curse that has come over him, but what does that mean, and who else is linked to this werewolf leader?

As tension mounts in the typical Wes Craven fashion, one event precludes the next. Gore and death will ensue in a mystery-like fashion that will prompt a trio of characters to understand their new life and its connection to the others. As the trio fight to break the curse, it is only a matter of time before people will die one by one until someone or something can kill the head werewolf and end the curse.

Needless to say this film takes on the challenge of altering time and character perspectives, flashing from one place to the next. Moreover, the plot is dealing with several character progressions that are somehow all intertwined. Though the initial structure of the plot seemed credible enough, there is nothing explicitly different or amazing about this film to make it second to none. Ultimately it will blend in with the rest of the scary movies of its time. It does, however, provide the visual stimulation of action and suspense via the aid of modern-day technology and special effects. However, the latter leaves more to want, period. By no means does “Cursed” captivate an audience.

“Cursed” is a movie made for entertainment and nothing more; another ghost story told to scare and distract one’s minds from reality, even if only for a few hours. In “Cursed” one can lose themselves and choose to either love it or hate it.


Jesse Eisenberg is Jimmy… the nerdy kid with the dog.

Kristina Anapau is Brooke… the girl dating Bob.

Christina Ricci is Ellie… the surviving victim of a car crash and its mysterious events thereafter.

Joshua Jackson is Jake… the boyfriend of Ellie and a businessman attempting to open a horror club.