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Paranormal Overview

• The spirits of former residents are trying to be good housemates.

This roomy, three story Victorian home was built around the turn-of-the-century, like many of the houses in its neighborhood, for managers and employees of a meat processing plant in town. It was newly remodeled in the early ’80s, and is in pretty good shape…

Old Hood Residence – HauntedHouses.com



This private residence can be found in a North Portland community, on North Watts Street, in Portland, Oregon. Please respect their privacy.


This roomy, three story Victorian home was built around the turn-of-the-century, like many of the houses in its neighborhood, for managers and employees of a meat processing plant in town. It was newly remodeled in the early ’80s, and is in pretty good shape.


The ghosts that stay here, are a result of an incident that happened in 1973, a deadly example of domestic violence. A mother and her five children went to stay at this house, to get away from her estranged husband. Around 2:50 AM one early morning, two days before Christmas, this mother made the fatal mistake of letting her estranged husband in the front door. After beating her, he shot her to death on the couch near the front door, and then killed himself.

In the ’80s, the house was up for sale, and stood empty for 18 months, before the B family bought it for a very reasonable price, in a very tight housing market, unaware that a murder/suicide had happened here 12 years before. They soon discovered that their new home was “different.” “Something was there.”


The ghosts of the dead couple, Marles and Billy, renamed Mrs. & Mr. G by the B family, are the unseen house mates, who mean no harm to the living.

1) Marles, (Mrs. G) tries to be helpful and kind to the children, because she misses her own kids, and wants to help take care of the B children.

* The B’s almost 3 year old daughter, Cassie, was the first to see their unseen house mates Mrs. B never tucked in the covers around her children, in case they had to get out of bed for any reason. The little girl told her mother about the nice lady with long hair who tucked in her covers at night, and that a scary man who never smiled stood behind her, just watching. Mrs. B started to check later in the evening, after Cassie had gone to sleep, and she had been tucked in by someone.

* In the fall of ’87, one night, both girls, Cassie and Gennie slept in Gennie’s room. Mrs. B awoke to a freezing cold room, around 4:30 am, because the outside weather had changed. She went to the little girls’ room, to plug in the electric heater, only to find it already plugged in and doing its job of keeping the girls warm.

2) Mr. B had plugged a VCR in to record a favorite program. After he got home, the VCR had been unplugged, sometime after his program was recorded.

3) Electrical household items turned themselves on and off at will.

* During the month of Feb.1988, occasionally the TV and the radio took turns turning on by themselves, giving the B family quite a start.

* The third floor lights are always going off and on, at will, when no one is up there.

* The B family would leave their home totally dark, to come home to a house where lights are blazing in various rooms. Gennie’s room lights pop on by themselves frequently.

4) The ghosts have throughout the years walked around the floors, gone up and down the steps, knocked on doors, and have unlocked the front door and gone through it and then have come back in, slamming the door every time they went in or out. However, Mr. & Mrs. G do listen to reason. When Mrs. B asks them to stop because the B family is trying to sleep, or that their noise may wake the children, they cooperatively will stop.

* The windows in Gennie’s room have been found open on many occasions, after they had been securely locked.

5) Mr. B’s paycheck stubs were kept in a folder in the filing cabinet. One day, they mysteriously were found out in the kitchen. Neither Mr. or Mrs. had gotten them out.

6) The whole B clan has seen and felt these apparitions and heard disembodied voices.

* Cold spots have been felt throughout the house.

* Mr. G. Little Cassie called him Mr. Simon, and wanted to invite him to her birthday party. Her older sister, Gennie, saw him one Christmas down in the living room, admiring the pretty, decorated Christmas tree. The apparition turned and saw her, and disappeared immediately.

* Out of the corner of their eyes, they have seen a white thing that disappears when looked at directly.

* One night when Mr. B was at work, Mrs. B was sleeping with her door open a crack, and the light on in the hall. She suddenly awoke to find Mr. G. casually strolling toward her bedroom door, right toward her. She at first thought it was Mr. B, but when she realized that it wasn’t, she quickly turned on the light and Mr. G vanished.

* Mr. B had been on an early day shift, so he had gone to bed earlier than the rest of his family. Once again the bedroom door was open a crack, and the hallway light was on. Some noise woke him up from a sound sleep, and he saw a lady coming toward him in a gown. He thought at first it was Mrs. B. He was about to embrace this lady as she came real close to him, when he realized, “This is not my wife!” “AHHHH!” This lady had a more slender build, slender face and straight hair down to her shoulders. This incident stayed with him for days and weeks to come. There was no question of the reality of their ghostly house mates.

* Mrs. B has heard a woman crying in the kitchen, and a booming man’s voice in the living room, when no one was there.



Mr. and Mrs. G and the B family have a peaceful coexistence. The ghosts do their best not to upset the girls and have been kind to them. They have also seemed to like Mr. and Mrs. B, while letting them know that they still exist, giving them a surprise once in awhile.