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Dubuque Haunted Houses –



haunted-dubuqueDubuque Jail

There was a dungeon in the basement of the Old Jail, for hard-to-handle guests of the county… MORE

dubuque-ghostsDubuque Opera

The ghosts of people who truly loved live theatre still linger around the Grand Opera House building…MORE

haunted-dubuqueHam House

Sarah Ham shot her gun twice through the door. Neighbors who saw her signal came quickly to help her. They followed a blood trail that started from outside her bedroom door and led them to the river…MORE

haunted-dubuqueThe Hotel Julien

The Hotel Julien’s most infamous guest was the mobster Al Capone and his crew. Capone loved to stay here to relax and refresh himself from his vicious occupation. MORE

Redstone Inn

Augustin A. Cooper built this Richardsonian Romanesque two and a half story home over six years (1888-1894) as a wedding present for his daughter Elizabeth and her husband Dan Sullivan — a 27 room mansion that they moved into ten years after they were married… MORE





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