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Bodie Cemetery

Bodie Cemetery has around eighty tombstones still marking the graves of the departed. There are three official large sections of sub-cemeteries that make up the majority of graves in Bodie Cemetery… MORE

Deerfield Burial Grounds

For years, residents of Deerfield have been witnesses to the mourning cries of the murdered maid, on every leap year, February 29th…MORE

El Campo Santo

El Campo Santo is a Catholic Cemetery opened originally in 1849. Many early founding San Diegans were laid to rest here… MORE

Little Bighorn Battlefield

On Last Stand Hill and near the battlefield cemetery, many visitors have been overcome by a sense of deep sorrow and loss… MORE

Mount Holly Cemetery

Mount Holly Cemetery is a four square block area, in the heart of the city of Little Rock… MORE

Pioneer Boot Hill Cemetery

Once a booming gold rush city, Idaho City is now a small town of 300 residents, though there are also unseen residents …MORE

Pittsburgh Restland Cemetery

Surrounding grass and lovely, mature trees are found among the many plate/old stone headstones, and mausoleums, some of which date back to the late 18th century, though current burials also take place here… MORE

Portsmouth/Point-of-Graves Cemetery

Citizens of Portsmouth, from common folk to prominent families were laid to rest here…MORE

Rose Hill Cemetery

From around 1850 until the turn of the century, this area was known as the Mount Diablo Coalfield… MORE

Sacramento Cemetery

The Sacramento City Cemetery is “well known for its numerous hauntings.” With the exception of a few cases, the identities of most of the spirits found here are unknown…MORE

St. Louis Cemetery

Though this high walled cemetery is only one square block in diameter, it is the resting place of over 100,000 departed… MORE

Virginia City Cemetery

The Virginia City Cemetery is actually several cemeteries located in this area. Every social group in Virginia City society…MORE

Western Cemetery

When graves are disrespected and desecrated, and headstones are stolen, often spirits become restless and angry at the living… MORE

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