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The Queen Mary – CA

This 1936-1967, British luxury ocean liner, the RMS Queen Mary was built in art-deco style in the interior, from many kinds of wood found in England, and has been and is now a stationary, floating hotel, event venue, theater and museum, that sits proudly in Long Beach Harbor… MORE

haunted-shipsStar of India – CA

Originally known as The Euterpe, the Star of India is the oldest working sailing ship, an 1863-era iron merchant vessel…MORE

The USS Hornet Museum – CA

“The heart of a carrier’s combat strength is its aircraft; her Air Groups provided Hornet’s lethal sting. Hornet’s success was dependent on the capabilities of highly trained pilots and aircrews and the specialized aircraft that operated from her flight deck.”

The USS Hornet CV-12, CVA-12, CVS-12 is one of the “24 legendary Essex-class aircraft carriers built during WW 2” and in the following years. She is one of the most… MORE

shipsThe USS IOWA B-16 Museum – CA

The USS Iowa was a state-of-the-art battleship that was a vital part of Naval operations from 1943-1993. It now is the main attraction at The Pacific Battleship Center and operates as a battleship museum. It is open to the public; though be prepared to use narrow, steep stairs meant for young people serving their country… MORE

shipsUSS Constellation – MA

USS Constellation is the first ship of the US navy, built in 1797 as a frigate…MORE

ghostsUSS The Sullivans DD57 – NY

The five Sullivan Brothers, George, 28; Francis, 27; Joseph, 24; Madison, 23; and Albert, 20, wanted to serve together on the same ship and joined the Navy… MORE

haunted-shipsThe USS Lexington – TX

There are many spirits still on duty on The USS Lexington CV-16. They have manifested all over the ship in a variety of ways… MORE

ghost-shipUSS Turner Joy DDD51 – WA

The USS Turner Joy DDD51 is a Forrest Sherman Destroyer, the last destroyer made in this series, that is now being uses as a stationary, memorial ship museum. It is described as being an “active and Educational facility” that “honors not only the men and women of … MORE

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