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Casablanca Inn

For 96 years, The Casablanca Inn building has always been some sort of boarding house or inn. In its early years, it was called Mantanzas Hotel. When it changed hands around 1920, the widow who bought the property changed the name to Bayfront Boarding House… MORE

Castillo de San Marcos

The Spaniards didn’t fool around. This fortress was built to last and survive the sieges and battles that were to come….MORE

saint-augustineFlagler College

The original Ponce de Leon Hotel building, known now as Ponce de Leon Hall, is the centerpiece of Flagler College…MORE

O.C. White’s Pub

In the early 1850s, this hotel was bought by the widow of war hero and distinguished military man General William Worth…MORE

Saint Augustine Jail

Prisoners who were convicted of murder were executed here, sometimes taking 14 minutes to die. Unfortunately, the authorities…MORE

Saint Augustine Lighthouse

The massive, 1874-built lighthouse towers 165 ft above sea level. It is an American-made, sturdy, well-built…MORE

Saint Francis Inn

Southern hospitality is front and center in this lovely inn. As guests come into the front gate, there is a delightful garden courtyard…MORE

Scarlett O’Hara Pub

Scarlett O’Hara’s Bar and Restaurant is made up of two 1879 homes put together to create one eating and drinking establishment…MORE


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