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Atlas Theatre

This building was constructed in 1887. The first floor was a tea and candy shop. It didn’t become an “entertainment center” until 1908. In 1907, architect William Dubois was hired to transform the first floor into a 404 seat theater… MORE

Bagdad Theater and Pub

Two years before the talkie films came out in 1929, this 100,000 dollar Universal Studios Bagdad Movie House and backstage area was designed by Thomas and Mercier and built by Christman and Otis Development Company, creating a unique and fabulous theater… MORE

haunted-theatresBiograph Theatre

In the 1970s, this 60 year old grand theater was converted into a four-screen “multiplex,” increasing profits but unfortunately destroying the original inside decor… MORE

Capitol Plaza Theatre

While theatres have the habit of attracting ghostly admirers of the cultural arts, some entities tragically die in the theatre or nearby in the… MORE

Firehouse Theater

The Firehouse Theater, home to a very funny, award winning, improvisational theatrical troop, The Bit Players, is actually… MORE

haunted-theatresFolly Theatre

Former Theater Managers/owners in Spirit form have been known to come back to help, supervise and enjoy the current shows… MORE

ghostsGrandstreet Theater

When the Tiffany window was once again reinstalled in the building, unusual things began to happen… MORE

The Music Hall

The Music Hall was created to be a place where people could escape the pain and troubles of this world… MORE

National Pastime Theater

The period of Prohibition, the nationwide ban of alcohol, inspired some innovative moves to foil the nosy authorities… MORE

Orpheum Theatre – Tennessee

The Orpheum Theatre is truly one of Memphis’ remarkable success stories; a theatre able to overcome a variety of adversities… MORE

theatresOrpheum Theater – South Carolina

Late one, very cold October night in 1959, an actor, by the name of Ray, was alone on the theatre’s stage, putting in extra rehearsal time for an upcoming play… MORE

Prescott Theatre

The Prescott Fine Arts Association bought an old church and its rectory, and changed it into this theater… MORE

Rivoli Theatre

The Rivoli Theatre was designed & built in 1927 by skilled craftsmen & using the finest materials… MORE

Sacramento Theatre

In a 1991 investigation, three clairvoyants confirmed what staff and thespians have long suspected … MORE

haunted-theatresThe Scott Theatre

Once in the basement area, one finds a maize of rooms and hallways. An area that is directly below the stage, is known as “the dungeon”… MORE

Stanley Theatre

Personal experiences have been reported for years, especially after the theatre started its long trek back from the brink… MORE

ghost-theatreTemple Theatre

This beautiful, immense”Franco-Italian Style” Temple building was originally constructed in 1906, to be a student activity center… MORE

Victoria Theatre

Several times in its history, the Victoria Theatre has survived threats to its very existence… MORE

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