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Virginia City Haunted Houses –



Crooked House

This charming, peaceful, two story, wood slat Victorian was built during the booming days of Virginia City, as a private residence, sometime between 1860 and 1880. Its close proximity to the main street probably meant that it was built as a private residence… MORE

Gold Hill Hotel

Gold Hill Hotel and Saloon has the distinction as being the oldest existing hotel in Nevada, serving people since 1859…MORE

Mackay Mansion

The Mackay Mansion was built in1859 by a young mine superintendent George Hearst, to be both his residence and the location… MORE

Piper Opera House

During its many years as a cultural arts venue, many touring companies of American and English actors have performed here…MORE

Saint Mary’s Art and Retreat center

This handsome building was built and opened its doors in 1879, as a Catholic hospital… MORE

Virginia City Cemetery

The Virginia City Cemetery is actually several cemeteries located in this area. Every social group in Virginia City society…MORE

Washoe Club

The 3 storied Washoe Club was originally built in the 1870s to be a high-class bar/club for the rich, called the Millionaire’s Club…MORE


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