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This historically active military fort saw a lot of action throughout the years, and was the military base where many were stationed. It goes to reason men died here during their…MORE


Fort Delaware housed confederate prisoners during the Civil War, and was used as part of the coastal defense networks of World War 1 and World War 2. In 1951, it became a state park, was restored and opened to the public… MORE


The need for a well-fortified fortress was made plain to the Spaniards, after English pirates sacked and burned Saint Augustine in 1668, and when English settlers began the town of Charleston. Work began on Saint Augustine Fort in 1672, and was finished in 1695….MORE

haunted-fortsFORT PULASKI

East of Savannah, Fort Pulaski can be found on the claw-shaped Cockspur Island at a point where it guards the mouth of the Savannah River, just a mile away from Tybee Island…MORE

ghost-hauntingsFORT LEAVENWORTH

Fort Leavenworth was built in the Northeast corner of Kansas, now on Highway 73. The two homes in these ghost stories reported below, which are used for housing personnel, are located on the grounds of Fort Leavenworth…MORE

ghosts-paranormalFORT MACKINAC

Fort Mackinac is part of Mackinac Island State Park. The name of the island, Mackinac, came from Indians who first called it Mish-la-mack-in-naw, which loosely means “great turtle.” They thought it looked like one because of the rock formations and cliffs…MORE

paranormal-fortsFORT STANWIX

Fort Stanwix National Monument can be found on approximately a 16 acre campus in the downtown area of Rome, New York. The reconstructed fort and its green acreage lies between N. James St., and Black River Boulevard, Erie Boulevard W and East Park St…MORE


Fort Niagara is the oldest continuously occupied military site in North America. In 1934, Old Fort Niagara opened as a historic site and public museum…MORE


Fort Abercrombie State Historic Site can be found 45 minutes south of Fargo, North Dakota. It is located on the eastern edge of Abercrombie, North Dakota, right beside the Red River, that marks the boarder between North Dakota and Minnesota… MORE


What is now known as Fort Hayes Army Reserve Base, located on 77 acres, originally began in 1861, as a Civil War armory and arsenal post. There was a great need for a federal arsenal to store and repair Ordinance Corps arms and to equip Ohio regiments called to duty during the Civil War… MORE


In southern Oklahoma, Ft. Washita’s ruins are located on the Washita River, north of the city of Durant, near the Tishmomingo National Wildlife Refuge, which is not far from the Texas boarder… MORE


This old Army Post was built around the 1870s. The house had the standard 2 floors, attic and basement. Some workmen, who were making repairs to the old house, kept hearing running footsteps from an unseen presence, from an upstairs room… MORE


Fort Pitt Museum can be found in the 36 acre Point State Park in downtown Pittsburgh at a point of land that juts out where the two forks of the Ohio River meet. This two story museum is located near the parking lot. it was built on the spot where the part of the fort, called the Monongaheia Bastion once stood… MORE


In 1835, the Texas struggle for independence from Mexico came to San Antonio. In December of 1835, Ben Milam led Texan and Tejano volunteer forces in a house-to-house battle in San Antonio, which lasted 5 days… MORE


In the mid-1800s, a series of way stations across Utah were set up; part of a support network connected by roads, telegraph lines, and postal routes. One such way station, was built near the Cove River… MORE


Fort Worden was named after U.S. Navy Rear Admiral John Lorimer Worden, commander of the USS Monitor during the American Civil War. This 433 acre state park not only has the preserved buildings of this former Army Artillery Post, but offers lots of opportunities for recreation, offering hiking trails, picnicking, kayak and bike rentals, and a camping ground as well… MORE


The current Fort Lewis exists today several blocks over from the original fort, and was built and occupied by military personnel in 1919. The older version of the fort was built around 1850, with the idea of helping to keep the peace between the existing native American population and the new settlers who had arrived via the Oregon Trail… MORE


This 366 acre Reserve which also includes the Vancouver Barracks, Pearson Field and Fort Vancouver, is considered to be the most “historically significant site in the Pacific Northwest.” Over 50 years of archeological excavations have produced a collection of 1.5 million artifacts… MORE


In 1842, mountain man and trapper Jim Bridger set up a fur trading post which flourished through a barter trade system with the local Indians. It officially opened in the summer of 1843, and was a prosperous enterprise… MORE


Around 1850, Fort Laramie was a trading post, run by the American Fur Company, which sent their agent there to run this wild and dangerous frontier post. The agent brought his daughter with him as well…MORE

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