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hauntingsAnn Starrett Mansion

The entities of George and Ann Starrett love to visit their former mansion… The female entity of the Starrett’s Nanny is still on the payroll it seems… MORE

Fort Worden Commanding Officer Quarters

Spirit seekers are welcome, and have caught evidence even in broad daylight… MORE

Fort Worden Guard House

Fort Worden is a popular place to be for not only the living but also for the spirit people who… MORE

Holly Hill House

Restoration of a historic property by people not in the original family can act like an environmental trigger, drawing spirits into this world… MORE

port-townsendJames and Hastings Building

Plenty of personal paranormal experiences have been reported by the building’s retail staff and owners, and their female patrons…MORE

Manresa Castle

Manresa Castle was the dream mansion/castle of Charles Eisenbeis and his family, a magnificent place that he only lived in for 10 years…MORE

Palace Hotel

If you come here, you might get touched by a ghost and it will startle you, but I don’t want people to think this is a scary place…MORE

Rothschild House

This story begins with German immigrant D. C. H. Rothschild, who had great skill in making money in the mercantile business… MORE


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