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Haunted Movie Review:
The Ring (2002)

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Gore Verbinski


Ehren Kruger (screenplay)
Kôji Suzuki (novel) (as Koji Suzuki)


Naomi Watts … Rachel
Martin Henderson … Noah
David Dorfman … Aidan
Brian Cox … Richard Morgan
Jane Alexander … Dr. Grasnik
Lindsay Frost … Ruth
Amber Tamblyn … Katie
Rachael Bella … Becca
Daveigh Chase … Samara

Plot Summary

A strange videotape, full of bizarre imagery, has been making the rounds in a town in the Pacific Northwest. Those who watch it receive a telephone call immediately afterward and die seven days later. A handful of teenagers watch the tape during a weekend at a cabin in the mountains and scoff at the threat, but they too die in similar fashion. Rachel Keller (Naomi Watts), the aunt of one of the ill-fated teens, is a journalist who investigates the matter and travels west with her young son, Aidan (David Dorfman), a troubled child who draws disturbing pictures. Rachel finds the cabin in the woods and watches the video herself; she too receives the same phone call afterward, and realizes that she must solve the puzzle of the video and the person or persons behind it within a week. She turns to her ex, Noah (Martin Henderson), an expert in video technology, who understandably believes the story is a hoax – until he digs deeper into its history.

Main Characters

Naomi Watts is Rachel Keller, the tortured mother of eccentric Aidan. Her soul goal is to solve the mystery behind the videotape before it takes her son’s and her own life.

David Dorfman is Aidan Keller, the eccentric boy apt to communicate with the dead, but whose silence leaves you startled the whole way through the film.

Martin Henderson is Noah, Rachel’s ex-boyfriend and Aidan’s father, who becomes involved in the videotape’s wrath after he watches the film and sets out to solve the mystery with Rachel.

Daveigh Chase is Samara, the evil girl with a vengeful wrath second to none.

Other actors include Brian Cox.


“The Ring” won seven awards and four other nominations, including recognition from the Golden Trailer, MTV, and ASCAP Film and TV Music Awards. What once was a genre so blasé, so typical, and easy to typecast, has now been rejuvenated by the ingenious production of an unforgettable film that will have you squirming in your seat even after the film is over.


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