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Omaha Haunted Houses –

Brother Sebastian’s Restaurant and Winery

“A three-alarm fire ignited by a gas leak had completely gutted Koch’s “baby” — the steak house and winery with a monastery atmosphere that he opened in 1977.”… MORE

omahaCentral High School

Sounds of the wheels of the Custodian cart and its customary creaking noise have been heard…MORE

Cornerstone Mansion Bed & Breakfast

By 1896, the whole Charles Offutt family had moved into their new mansion. their happiness here was short-lived… MORE

Joslyn Castle

Spirits who had to give up places that they loved because of circumstances beyond their control sometimes like to spend time in these places in their after-life… MORE

White House Apartments

Despite its funky appearance on the outside, it still has a unique beauty within its walls, which is an attractive asset to those who love art…MORE

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