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Santa Fe Haunted Houses –

Inn & Spa At Loretto

The Bishop Jean Baptiste Lamy of the Territory got the ball rolling in promoting education for girls. Seeing the need to educate the girls, the good Bishop Jean Baptiste Lamy sent out a plea to the Catholic Teaching Orders for nuns to come and establish a school. Five nuns from… MORE

La Fonda on the Plaza & La Plazuela

“Location, Location, Location.” Since the Spaniards founded Santa Fe in 1607, there has always been an inn or fonda on this strategic corner property located right in the center of town, the Santa Fe Plaza. The hotel has had several names since its beginning:”the Exchange Hotel”, “The Fonda”, “The U.S. Hotel” and the “La Fonda Americana”… MORE

La Posada

The land on which this resort is located on has been farmed as far back as 1610 by Spanish settlers. In the early 1800s the land became the property of the Baca family.

In 1882, a well to do, wealthy merchant, Abraham Staab built his grand, luxurious mansion, known… MORE

Oldest House Museum

The “Oldest House in Santa Fe”, also called The De Vargas House Museum is made up of a three room, adobe that is 372 years old, and an attached two story house built around 154 years later that offered a more modern… MORE


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