The Sixth Sense (1999)

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A distinguished child psychologist, Dr. Malcolm Crowe, takes the case of Cole Sear, a sad, depressed, confused and frightened 8 year old, that Dr. Crowe at first thinks is suffering a lot from his parent’s divorce and his father’s abandonment of him.

As the therapy continues Dr. Crowe not only helps Cole with these obvious surface problems, but also discovers what is really terrorizing Cole, the truth that Dr. Crowe finds himself completely unprepared to handle at first. In the end, the discovery of Cole’s incredible 6th sense “leads them both to mysterious and unforeseeable consequences”.

This film is described as a “most involving, intelligent, psychological thriller,” that engulfs the audience with “a riveting intensity, that is thoroughly chilling and utterly unforgettable”. The pacing, direction, editing, music and script of the story creates a film that is truly a masterpiece, that is told well through the acting of its very talented cast.

Young Haley Joel Osment, whose character is in 90% of the scenes, is truly a very gifted child prodigy and was nominated for “Best Supporting Actor” for his portrayal of the troubled Cole. He works very well with the adult actors, like the true professional that he is.

Bruce Willis “has never been better” in his portrayal of Dr. Crowe and has really outdone himself as an actor, playing a character type that he hasn’t played before. The two of them together, Bruce & Haley, really bring the script alive.

Toni Collette plays Cole’s mother so well that she also received an academy award nomination for “Best Supporting Actress”.

Olivia Williams, who played Dr. Crowe’s wife, superbly carries off her role in such a way that allows the film’s surprise ending to work.

Favorite Scenes include: The opening sequence of scenes, that set the course of the movie, Cole’s 6th sense experiences with various ghosts, Dr. Crowe & Cole scenes, Cole & his Mom scenes, the party scene, the hospital scene, the sequence of scenes at the house after the girl’s funeral, and the surprise ending.

The Music and the sound effects add greatly to the spookiness, intensity of the scenes, and quick editing in just the right spots punctuate the scary highlights for both Cole and the then involved film’s audience.

THE SIXTH SENSE is definitely not for young children or children sensitive to scary material, because Cole’s experiences are very well acted and are portrayed as being terrifying to this young boy; though finally, with Dr. Crowe’s help, he is able to cope with and conquer his fear; ultimately helping the ghosts that come to him.

Cole is approached by ghosts who can’t go to the other side, because of having emotional trauma that happened when they were living, and they have the need to have something done by the living or need to tell the living something, in order so they can rest.


Oscar nominations include: Best Picture, Best Director, Best Writing, and Best Supporting Actor