California Haunted Houses –


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California Haunted Houses –


Alcatraz Prison

Alcatraz Prison was originally a military prison, from 1859, when construction began, until 1933, when the Federal Bureau of Prisons made Alcatraz a federal prison… MORE

californiaBessie Love Cabin

The Bessie Love cabin can be found toward the top of rugged Laurel Canyon, built on a lot set back from the road on… MORE

The Roosevelt Hotel

The Roosevelt, a 12 story luxury hotel for the rich and famous, the biggest and brightest stars… MORE

california_san_diego_star_of_indiaStar of India

Originally known as The Euterpe, the Star of India is the oldest working sailing ship, an 1863-era iron merchant vessel… MORE

The Whaley House

The Whaley House is one of the best known – and possibly one of the most haunted – houses in America according to… MORE

Haunted Houses

Fox Theater
Kern County Museum:
Pioneer Village

The Padre Hotel
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Haunted Houses

Bodie Cemetery
Bodie State Historic Park Mines
Gregory House
John S. Cain House
Mendocini House

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Haunted Houses

Bessie Love’s Cabin
The Comedy Store
Harlow/Bern House
Harlow’s Westwood Home
Nelson House
Pantages Theater
Roosevelt Hotel
The Palace Theater
The Warner Pacific Theater

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Haunted Houses

Colton Hall
Presidio Chapel & Rectory
Stokes Adobe
The Stevenson House

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Haunted Houses

Bee-Bennett Mansion
Cary House Hotel
Cuppa Coffee & More
Fountain-Tallman Soda
Works Museum

Hangman’s Tree Ice Cream Saloon
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Haunted Houses

Sacramento Cemetery
Sacramento Library
Sacramento Theatre
Stanford Mansion

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San Diego
Haunted Houses

Casa de Estudillo
The Cosmopolitan Hotel
and Restaurant

El Campo Santo Cemetery
El Fandango Restaurant
Horton Grand Hotel
Hotel Del Coronado
Robinson-Rose House
Star Of India
The Whaley House
Villa Montezuma

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San Francisco
Haunted Houses

Alcatraz Prison National Park
Nob Hill Inn
The Queen Anne Hotel
The Rose Hill Cemetery
The Union Hotel

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San Luis Obispo
Haunted Houses

Mission San Luis Obispo
de Tolosa

San Miguel Mission

Santa Barbara
Haunted Houses

The Mission San Antonio De Padua
The Santa Barbara Mission

Other Cities in California
with Haunted Houses

Alameda Haunted Place –
USS Hornet

Arcata Haunted Place –
Humboldt Brews

Barstow Haunted Place –
Casa de Desierto

Garden Grove Haunted Place –
Stanley House

Long Beach Haunted Place –
The Queen Mary

Los Angeles-
The USS Iowa B16 Museum

Menlo Park Haunted Place –
Peninsula School

Mountain View Haunted Place –
Rengstorff House

Paso Robles Haunted Place –
Paso Robles Inn

Redding Haunted Place –
Cascade Theater


Haunted Nights…
Stay in a real haunted
California HOTEL.

Bodie – a haunted Ghost Town
in the Old West.


San Francisco and San Diego are the most haunted cities in California.

The Winchester House is one of California’s most interesting haunted houses.

In Northern California you can find Bodie, which is the best ghost town in the USA.

Other California hauntings include:

Hotel Del Monte
The gentleman ghost of Charles Crocker is suspected as the one who is haunting the main building, Herrmann Hall. Many unusual occurrences often happen which may be caused by Crocker or other elusive entities. The hotel was once considered to be one of the grandest hotels on the west coast, opened its doors in 1880. The hotel is now a naval postgraduate school in Monterey.


Ardmore Blvd Ghost House
A private residence, this house has a sad history. A girl apparently died here following a wild party. A man was murdered here. These tragic spirits still linger.


El Centro Ave House
This Haunted home is an old Spanish-style, well-kept, one floor house, built in a quiet neighborhood. Nightly visits of a young, male ghost continued on a regular basis. When a see-through, young woman joined the see-through young man, the owner decided it was time to consult a professional medium, Brenda Crenshaw. After the investigation, it was found that the couple had commited suicide and still lingered in the house. After much prayer for the spiritual release of the unhappy pair, the spirits were able to leave the house.


The Millbrae House
Hans Holzer visited the house and brought a medium, Sybil Leek, who found out that a man, named Wasserman, was chased into the house and killed, because his killers thought that he was someone else. Mr. Holzer & the medium told the ghost that a lot of years had gone by and his killers were long gone, so there was no reason to stay around the house. Holzer reassured the ghost that he personally would clear the ghost’s name, (Wasserman), and let everyone know in a published story that Wasserman was innocent and was a very decent, nice person. There were no more incidents in this Millbrae house.


The Vineyard House,
Meyers House, Stanford House,
and the Atwood Haunted House.

California also has
many haunted cemeteries.








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