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Placerville Haunted Houses –



Bee-Bennett Mansion

A cook saw this solid, life-like appearing couple dressed in Victorian attire enjoying the fresh air on a front porch swing… MORE

Cary House Hotel

There are several former guests who enjoy this old hotel. A few never checked out…MORE

Cuppa Coffee & More

Not much is known about Caspar but his name. Town records were destroyed in one of the fires that roared through Placerville, destroying the former information about the people who lived and worked here….MORE

Fountain-Tallman Soda Works Museum

The walls are massive; more than 2 feet thick, as part of it was used to store ice. The floors were made of field stone. Today, the original stone floors are under the wooden floors that presently exist… MORE

Hangman’s Tree Ice Cream Saloon

A newly restored male mannequin dressed in Gold Rush era clothes hanging by a hangman’s noose from the second story window; something you don’t see everyday. It hangs near the place where Placerville’s main hanging tree once stood; perhaps as a reminder of Placerville’s past….MORE


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