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New York City Haunted Houses –



new_york_cityGay Street Ghosts

It is a 4 story, elegant townhouse which was built in an artistic style, popular around the 1800s. This townhouse has a complete puppet theater in the basement, because it once belonged to a famous puppeteer, Frank Paris. Lots of Paris’s art work favorites still can be found inside the building… MORE

Morris Jumel Mansion

It is a 4 story, well-preserved Southern-style Mansion, with a balcony and a basement, that was built by a British subject, a Colonel Rodger Morris, before The Revolutionary War of 1776. It is currently a museum, and open to the public every day until 4 p.m. A few rooms on the top floor are closed to the public. The current employees don’t know much about the hauntings, so don’t ask them… MORE

The Palace Theater

Don’t be fooled by the ho hum outside of this theatre, whose size is now dwarfed by the huge hotel on one side and a commercial building on the other. This 1913 theater is magnificent inside, fully restored to its 1913 classical splendor, including the high ceiling, and ornate decorum. It offers 3 levels of seating: Orchestra, Mezzanine on the second floor and the Balcony on the third, providing seating for 1,784 patrons… MORE

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