New York Haunted Houses –


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New York Haunted Houses –


Albany State Capitol

One psychic medium was allowed to walk around, and has reported meeting the entity of Samuel Abbott, who tries every night to out-run his doom… MORE

new-yorkMorris Jumel House

At least 5 ghosts have resided here, mainly manifesting themselves on the second & third floors, and the balcony… MORE

Poughkeepsie Church

Throughout the years, many people have seen apparitions, and shadows around the altar, and in various other places around the church… MORE

Stanley Theatre

Personal experiences have been reported for years, especially after the theatre started its long trek back from the brink… MORE

new-yorkUSS The Sullivans DD57

The five Sullivan Brothers, George, 28; Francis, 27; Joseph, 24; Madison, 23; and Albert, 20, wanted to serve together on the same ship and joined the Navy… MORE


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New York City and Buffalo are the
most haunted cities in New York.

Other New York hauntings include:

Bank Street House
Located in New York City on Bank street near near West 11th Street. This house was investigated by Hans Holzer and Ethel Meyers, on 7/17/57. They were called to investigate due to the presence of a restless spirit, Elizabeth Bullock, who was killed by a speeding car, in 1931, just a few blocks from the Blank Street House. A canister with her ashes were found in the ceiling of the house. Contact was made with the ghost of Elizabeth Bullock, who explained that she had married outside her Catholic faith, causing a major brouhaha between herself and her family. When Elizabeth was killed, her husband had stolen her ashes, so she wouldn’t be buried in the Catholic Cemetery, and had hid the container in a house which was close to the Blank Street House. The ashes were later hidden in the ceiling of the Blank St. House, while the original house that was picked to hide the ashes was being remodeled. Elizabeth was put to rest when her ashes were finally buried. The house is no longer haunted.


Gingerbread Manor House
This grand “Gingerbread” Manor House is found 40 minutes from Manhattan, New York City. A ghostly apparition has been physically seen near the kitchen and on the upper floors. Objects move by themselves. Hans Holzer investigated the Manor and found at least three distinct spirits to be haunting the house.


the Barker House,
Ackley House,
DeGeldern House,
and the Dietz Haunted House.



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