The Vanderbilt House Hotel & Restaurant –



Paranormal Overview

• Guests have experienced spirit “antics” and or hospitality

Tom and I stopped by to take a look inside of The Vanderbilt House Hotel and Restaurant and were able to talk to Bob Mansfield himself. It was like stepping back into the 1890s! Bob did a wonderful job in his restoration/renovation efforts. The rooms are simple, but authentic; very comfortable places to stay overnight…

The Vanderbilt House Hotel & Restaurant –




161 Main St,
Philmont, NY 12565
(518) 672-9993


The Vanderbilt House Hotel can be found along Philmont’s Main St. between Lower Ark St. and Railroad Ave. in New York. The back deck of the Vanderbilt House Hotel has a great view of Summit Lake.

The city of Philmont is 14 miles from the Catamount Ski Area and 1.9 miles from the Taconic State Parkway.


Tom and I stopped by to take a look inside of The Vanderbilt House Hotel and Restaurant and were able to talk to Bob Mansfield himself. It was like stepping back into the 1890s! Bob did a wonderful job in his restoration/renovation efforts. The rooms are simple, but authentic; very comfortable places to stay overnight.

The on-site restaurant serves upscale comfort fare and features a deck with views of Summit Lake. There’s also a tavern and a Victorian-style living room. Continental breakfast is included. Rooms 1-7, and 12.


In 1860, on the brink of the Civil War, The Vanderbilt House Hotel was constructed by the Vanderbilts to house their workers in this area. They built an extension of the railroad to go through this town of Philmont, and they built this boarding house right across the street from the depot.

Thirty years later in 1890, Leverett Mansfield, the great grandfather of the current owner, Bob Mansfield, bought this property, and called it The Vanderbilt Hotel. The location was perfect to have a successful hotel being right across from the railroad station. It became a family-run business. Bob’s grandfather, Douglas, became the Innkeeper at some point. Bob’s father, Leverett and his aunt Madalyne were both born in room 12.

When grandfather Douglas died in 1937, the Mansfield clan sold the property, though emotionally they considered The Vanderbilt House Hotel their family homestead and through the years, always checked into its status, really caring about its future.

In 2009, Bob Mansfield who had worked many years in the financial planning field, made a pilgrimage back to Philmont to visit the old family Vanderbilt Hotel building that was a restaurant but no longer a hotel inn. After some thought, he wound up buying it. By November of 2009, the property was back in the Mansfield family.

Bob was inspired to restore and renovate the structure, turning the eight bedrooms back into guest rooms; restoring them in the Victorian era style.The Rooms all have a private bathroom, perhaps put into a closet in each room, which is a common practice in the renovation process.

He restored and renovated the dining room to be Victorian, and he made improvements in the kitchen area to handle the demands of the new, upscale restaurant he planned to reopen there. He worked on the tavern and parlor area as well. He added a deck off of both floors in the back, offering a fine place to sit, eat and enjoy the view of Lake Summit.

Apparently, some spirit people love the changes and have visited or decided to settle here in their favorite place in this world.


Not much has been made public about the spirits who still enjoy this historic hotel. Below are some possible reasons why they are spending their after-life or are visiting the hotel.

When a building is rebuilt, restored and/or renovated, the changes can act like a trigger and draw spirits back into this world to their favorite place when they were alive.

(The Rex * Custer House * The Crystal Ballroom * Biltmore Hotel)

People who owned or managed the place of business like an inn, pub or store sometimes like to be a supporting presence, especially if a descendant is now in charge.

(Bullock Hotel * Thayer’s Historic Bed and Breakfast * Raynham Hall * Shanley Hotel * Balpate Inn)

Spirit people who are family members of a current owner who were owners in the past, may visit or stay to give support and encouragement to their kin.

(Colony Hotel)

Past guests who enjoyed their stays at their favorite place in this world, may like to visit a lot or spend their after-life in this structure.

(Geiser Grand Hotel * Jekyll Island Club Hotel * Menger Hotel * Roosevelt Hotel)

Children who die from disease or accident sometimes like to stay in the most happy, comfortable place that they knew in this world. They often do the things they enjoyed while alive.

(Saint Augustine Lighthouse * Lafitte’s Guest House * Stranahan House * Robert E. Lee Mansion * Kehoe House)

A high spirited child entity has made himself/herself at home.


Guests have reported seeing and hearing the gentile, friendly spirits and experiencing their “antics.”

Entity of a child

Has been seen by the living; jumping on one of the beds in the upstairs rooms.

Entities – Visitors from the Past

Apparently are enjoying their good times they experienced here, and the relationships they developed. They continue on with their favorite activities as best they can being in spirit with no physical body.

Guests have probably heard:

Disembodied voices carrying on a conversation.

Footsteps in the hallways, in the common areas and the rooms.

Perhaps they have seen doors and windows open by themselves.

Entities may get their chuckles with the novelties that exist in this world.

Spirits in general are fascinated by electricity, and have been known to play with lights of all kinds, and machines that run on electricity: adding machines,TV sets, computers, fans, etc. (General Wayne Inn * McCune Mansion)

Entities sometimes are playful with the living to get some chuckles by gentle teasing, or showing hospitality.

Items can move around a room, or lights can be used to be a friendly hello. They can be welcoming by causing pleasing aromas; (Whaley House * Hermann-Grima House), letting people feel the cold spots/cool winds caused by them, and even showing themselves to the living.

Other spirits may actually do acts of hospitality, like start coffee pots (The William Ramsay House) or start a fireplace fire (Harvard Exit Theatre * Beauregard/Keys House)


Guests of the hotel have been experiencing the spirits for years.

Author Lisa LaMonica reports in her book, “Haunted Catskills”, that 4 mediums who visited at different times all have seen the same entities that have been reported by the hotel’s spectral visitors.


Probably so. While no hard evidence has been made public, and the owner doesn’t freely share about the spirits, guests have experienced the spirit people, and mediums have backed up what many people have experienced. Perhaps the owner knows who is visiting, and doesn’t want them to be bothered by intrusive ghost hunters and paranormal groups; being courteous and kind to both the living guests and spirit visitors and residents as well.