Denver Haunted Houses –




Black American West Museum

She delivered 7,000 babies here, as well as treated many diseases and conditions. She and her husband enjoyed living in their private space in the building as well…. MORE

Bradmar Tudor Manor

This immense 20-room mansion was originally built in 1920 by a wealthy family for their daughter… MORE

The Denver Courthouse

The Denver Courthouse seems to be the home of some early morning ghosts… MORE  

Denver Union Station

The original Denver Union Station building suffered the fate of a lot of buildings during the late 1800s, when a fire started in the ladies room which destroyed the 180 ft wooden tower and the southwest side of the station… MORE

Grant Humphreys Mansion

The Grants had many wealthy and influential friends and liked to entertain at their mansion. Perhaps that explains… MORE

Lumber Baron Mansion

A large, maple floored ballroom on the fourth floor has been a stage for plays and murder mysteries. It has an occupancy for a hundred people, and a small stage area for the performers… MORE

Molly Brown House

Molly Brown’s house always had a lot of people staying there. It makes sense that the same is true today…. MORE

Newhouse Hotel

While definitely not an “upscale, boutique establishment”, this 1911 historic Newhouse Hotel, designed by Arthur H. O’Brien, has been described as being an eclectic, antique inn… MORE

The Strada Building

The Bombay Club in the Strada Building sold drinks to not only the living, but to customers from 111 years ago… MORE

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