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Chicago Haunted Houses –



chicago-ghostsBiograph Theatre

In the 1970s, this 60 year old grand theater was converted into a four-screen “multiplex,” increasing profits but unfortunately destroying the original inside decor… MORE

chicagoCigars & Stripes Hammer Hed Lounge

A great place to go and relax in an informal atmosphere of comedic and musical entertainment…MORE

chicago-ghostsGlessner House

This mansion’s design, inside and out, was as far away from the popular Victorian style as it could get… MORE

haunted-chicagoNational Pastime Theater

The period of Prohibition, the nationwide ban of alcohol, inspired some innovative moves to foil the nosy authorities… MORE

chicago-hauntingsO’Henry’s Roadhouse

O’Henry’s Roadhouse, offering all the pleasures of life, had several tunnels built into the basement… MORE

chicago-ghostsRed Lion Pub

John Dillinger saw his last movie in the Biograph Theater, located across the street from The Red Lion Pub… MORE

chicago-hauntingsSt. Andrews Inn

Ole St. Andrew’s Inn has a home-like, comfortable, warm, welcoming atmosphere, where people come to enjoy conversations… MORE

chicago-ghostsSt. Valentine’s Day Massacre

After the bloody killing of seven people … in front of a brick wall riddled with machine gun bullets… MORE

haunted-chicagoThe Steak Joynt

Around the turn-of-the-century, two people were murdered in two different crimes in Piper’s Alley… MORE







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