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Bagdad Theater and Pub

Two years before the talkie films came out in 1929, this 100,000 dollar Universal Studios Bagdad Movie House and backstage area was designed by Thomas and Mercier and built by Christman and Otis Development Company, creating a unique and fabulous theater… MORE

Benson Hotel

The Benson Hotel began as the dream of Simon Benson, who always wanted to build a world-class hotel. He hired a prominent… MORE

Crystal Ballroom

The Crystal Ballroom, a much loved dance hall, was designed to be the place of special moments between people…MORE

Pittock Mansion Museum

Pittock Mansion was built to be Henry and Georgiana’s summer retirement home, with a glorious view of the city that they both loved…MORE

Saint Johns Theatre

St. John’s Theatre was originally built to be a theatre to offer dramatic arts productions. Sometime during its history, it was made into…MORE

Shanghai Tunnels

The Shanghai tunnels are a series of catacombs that wind around on one level down from the streets that run from …MORE

White Eagle Pub and Hotel

Built in the 1899 building style, The White Eagle Saloon and Rock and Roll Hotel has 2 stories, with a basement area…MORE


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