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Haunted Movie Review:
Sleepy Hollow (1999)

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Tim Burton


Washington Irving … (story “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”)

Kevin Yagher … (screen story) &
Andrew Kevin Walker … (screen story)

Andrew Kevin Walker … (screenplay)


Johnny Depp … Ichabod Crane
Christina Ricci … Katrina Van Tassel
Miranda Richardson … Lady Van Tassel
Michael Gambon … Baltus Van Tassel
Casper Van Dien … Brom Van Brunt
Jeffrey Jones … Reverend Steenwyck
Richard Griffiths … Magistrate Philipse
Ian McDiarmid … Doctor Lancaster
Michael Gough … Notary Hardenbrook
Christopher Walken … Hessian Horseman
Lisa Marie … Lady Crane

Plot Summary

In Tim Burton’s version of Washington Irving’s tale of Ichabod Crane, Crane (Johnny Depp) is a New York City detective whose unorthodox techniques and fondness for gadgets make him problematic with his colleagues. He is sent to the remote town of Sleepy Hollow to investigate a series of bizarre murders, in which a number of people have been found dead in the woods, with their heads cut off. Local legend has it that a Hessian ghost rides through the woods on horseback, decapitating the unsuspecting and unbelieving. Ichabod is skeptical, convinced that there must be a rational explanation for the murders. In the course of his investigation he becomes smitten with a local lass, Katrina Van Tassel (Christina Ricci), who is the sweetheart of the burly Brom Bones (Casper Van Dien), and he grows increasingly determined to capture the murderer to prove his bravery and win her heart.

Main Characters

Johnny Depp is Ichabod Crane… the innovative scientist, eccentric hero with a sensitive stomach.

Christina Ricci is Katrina Anne Van Tassel… the bewitching Dutch girl whose white magic and beauty enrapture Ichabod Crane.

Michael Gambon is Baltus Van Tassel… a possible suspect, host to Ichabod Crane, head counselor of Sleepy Hollow, and father of Katrina Van Tassel.

Miranda Richardson is Lady Van Tassel (and the crone in the woods)… whose devilish beauty plays a crucial role in the headless horseman case.

Mark Pickering is Young Masbath… estranged child to the late Sir Masbath and sole servant to Constable Crane.

Christopher Walken is the Hessian (headless) Horseman… the decapitated horror who rides by night seeking vengeance on the perpetrators who have stolen his head from his grave.


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