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Haunted Movie Review:
Thirteen Ghosts (2001)

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Steve Beck


Robb White … (story)

Neal Marshall Stevens … (screenplay) and
Richard D’Ovidio … (screenplay)


Tony Shalhoub … Arthur Kriticos
Embeth Davidtz … Kalina Oretzia
Matthew Lillard … Dennis Rafkin
Shannon Elizabeth … Kathy Kriticos
Alec Roberts … Robert ‘Bobby’ Kriticos
JR Bourne … Benjamin Moss
F. Murray Abraham … Cyrus Kriticos


Down on his luck, the broke Arthur (Tony Shalhoub) is grateful when he learns that his eccentric, recently deceased uncle willed him his lavish home. Arthur and his daughter Kathy (Shannon Elizabeth) move into the odd house only to discover that its elaborate series of moving glass walls exist to contain 13 spirits within them. It seems that Uncle Zorba was a collector of paranormal entities, but the supernatural spooks want out, while an alleged hidden fortune keeps the new owners, as well as some fellow treasure seekers and a veteran ghost hunter locked inside.

Main Characters

Shannon Elisabeth is Kathy Kriticos… daughter of Arthur Kriticos, who, after her mother burns to death in a fire, tries to help her dad raise little Bobby on what little money Arthur still has.

Alec Roberts is “Bobby” Kriticos… brother to Kathy Kriticos, and Arthur’s comical son whose method of coping with his mother’s death is to take an indifferent liking to the obituary section of the daily paper.

Rah Digga is Maggie Bess… the lovable but inept babysitter/maid, whose compassion makes up for lack in house skills, and whose humor proves the perfect anecdote for the Kriticos family after the death of Arthur’s wife.

Tony Shalhoub is Arthur Kriticos… husband to the late Jean Kriticos, and nephew of the malevolent Cyrus, who must save his children after they become dangerously entangled in Cyrus’ quest for world domination.

Matthew Lillard is Dennis Rafkin… the ill-fated psychic medium whose gift is as much a burden as a lucrative enterprise for the fickle man whose noble motives will ultimately fall short.

F. Murray Abraham is Cyrus… the twisted man with the intent and desire to unleash the gates of hell via a contraption that requires the enslavement of twelve very deadly ghosts.

Embeth Davidtz is Kalina Ortezia… the cunning red herring of the film.


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